ciscoios-acl – A Fail2ban Module for Managing Cisco IOS ACLs

I’ve been using fail2ban to protect a number of services from external attacks. The software works well, but what I wanted to do is to have fail2ban update an ACL on a Cisco IOS router rather then the IPtables on the host itself. Here’s the code and some tips on setting it up.
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Blanket Box

I made a pair of these blanket boxes a few years ago, and finally got around to taking photos and publishing the result.
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Dual Stack Policy Rules on Cisco IOS Zone-Based Firewall

The Cisco Zone-based firewall was derived from the old “firewall feature set” and allows the administrator to define firewall rules based on zones, where each zone may contain one or more logical interfaces. Using Cisco’s zone-based firewall isn’t as easy as many other solutions (e.g. Juniper SRX, Cisco ASA), and recently I needed to configure one which was to pass both IPv4 and IPv6 services. Here’s an example of how it’s done.
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New Zealand Wood Pigeon – Kereru

Every year these large pigeons come and eat the new shoots from the trees around our house. Here’s a picture of a recent visitor.

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Restricting Management Access to Fortigate Firewalls

Sometimes it’s just unavoidable that you need to do in-band management of firewalls. This is particularly the case if the firewall is hosted externally – such as within AWS. Here’s a quick recipe on restricting management access to the Fortigate firewall.
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Juniper OSPF and Unexpected Features

I had an interesting situation in a lab environment the other day. It seems Juniper has been tweaking how OSPF works with their routers with some interesting consequences.
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Cisco ASA 5505 – Dual Internet Connections with a Base Licence

The client’s requirements were simple: they had an existing Cisco ASA 5505 with a base and unlimited users licence connected to the Internet with a PPPoE interface over ADSL. They wanted to add more bandwidth and redundancy so decided to add an additional 100mbps fibre link. Is it possible? Read on …
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Small Coffee Table

A recently-finished woodwork project.
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Juniper Filter-based VLANs

So during my efforts to study for the Juniper JNCIP-Ent ( Enterprise Routing & Switching ) exam, I happened to come across a Juniper switching feature called Filter-based VLANs.

In normal VLAN-based switching, a device’s assigned VLAN is configured on it’s access port and can’t be changed no matter what is connected to that port.

Filter-based VLANs work a bit differently – they allow the engineer to map the VLAN based on packet properties.
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A Quick Look at AlienVault USM Anywhere

The company I’m working for is ramping up capability to support AlienVault USM Anywhere. Here’s a few notes from what I’ve learned about the product.

Alienvault’s USM Anywhere is delivered as a VM image that can be deployed under VMware, or in a cloud environment such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. This VM is referred to as the “sensor”.

In brief, it’s a Security Information and Event Manager ( SIEM ). Yes, I know the market is awash with SIEM products ( Splunk, QRadar, etc. ) but Alienvault’s offering is well worth looking at. It’s also cheaper.

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