Welcome to my personal web site. Here you’ll find useful information and resources that I’ve written over the years.

I am an IT Consultant working in the Auckland, New Zealand, area with a passionate interest in all things relating to Networks and Security. I also do a lot with Linux, Virtualisation, and Cloud systems during my day job. You’ll also find a few odds and ends here relating to other things that I’m doing such as flying small airplanes when time and the weather permit.

Note that I’m still working on some of the content for this site – it’s actually a complete rebuild of the old site which was manually coded HTML. I’m still importing stuff from the old site such as the Logsurfer info and the aviation check lists. Please bear with me for the next couple of weeks – or let me know if there’s something missing that you’re looking for.

Please note that all comments are currently being moderated due to the number of spam comments coming in. If you post a comment please wait a day or so for me to approve it.



Juniper OSPF and Unexpected Features

I had an interesting situation in a lab environment the other day. It seems Juniper has been tweaking how OSPF works with their routers with some interesting consequences.

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Cisco ASA 5505 – Dual Internet Connections with a Base Licence

The client’s requirements were simple: they had an existing Cisco ASA 5505 with a base and unlimited users licence connected to the Internet with a PPPoE interface over ADSL. They wanted to add more bandwidth and redundancy so decided to add an additional 100mbps fibre link. Is it possible? Read on …

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Small Coffee Table

A recently-finished woodwork project.

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Juniper Filter-based VLANs

So during my efforts to study for the Juniper JNCIP-Ent ( Enterprise Routing & Switching ) exam, I happened to come across a Juniper switching feature called Filter-based VLANs. In normal VLAN-based switching, a device’s assigned VLAN is configured on it’s access port and can’t be changed no matter what is connected to that port. …

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