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Small Coffee Table

A recently-finished woodwork project.

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Juniper Filter-based VLANs

So during my efforts to study for the Juniper JNCIP-Ent ( Enterprise Routing & Switching ) exam, I happened to come across a Juniper switching feature called Filter-based VLANs. In normal VLAN-based switching, a device’s assigned VLAN is configured on it’s access port and can’t be changed no matter what is connected to that port. …

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A Quick Look at AlienVault USM Anywhere

The company I’m working for is ramping up capability to support AlienVault USM Anywhere. Here’s a few notes from what I’ve learned about the product. Alienvault’s USM Anywhere is delivered as a VM image that can be deployed under VMware, or in a cloud environment such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. This VM is …

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Transparent Web Proxying with Cisco, Squid, and WCCP

I’ve re-published an old article on performing transparent web proxying with Cisco’s WCCP protocol and Squid. Read more here.

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