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Last update : Tuesday July 12, 2005

My collection of SELinux resources. Click away.


  • SELinux Bill McCarty has written an excellent book on SELinux published by O'Reilly. Well worth getting if you're doing any work with SELinux.

SELinux Core websites

SELinux Overviews and Reviews

Papers on access control models ( MAC, RBAC, DAC )

Papers on FLASK ( Flux Advanced Security Kernel )

FLASK is the precursor to SELinux, basically it formed a proof of concept whereas SELinux became a more acceptable practical application of the architecture.

SELinux Code and policy sources

SELinux HOWTOs, FAQs, and Technical Info for people actually using SELinux

Additional tools for SELinux

Test Systems

There's a couple of test systems available on the Internet which allow you to log in as root ( yes, that's log in as root ) and test its capabilities. Be gentle.
  • Fedora Russell Coker's Fedora demo machine
  • Gentoo a demo machine from the Hardened Gentoo Team
  • Debian Ed Street's Debian demo machine
The Hardened Gentoo team also produces a bootable liveCD which is great for demonstrations. The ISO image is available here.

Other stuff