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I'm Kerry Thompson, and this is my personal website.

A lot of the work I do is based on IT Security, but I'm also involved in many other areas including IT Architecture and Integration, Unix/Linux, Open Source, and network technologies. The contents of these pages do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer.

This website contains many bits and pieces that I've written as the desire comes to me. There is a lot of information relevent to IT security as well as other areas that I'm involved with such as Linux and Unix networking.

The images in the banner at the top of the page are all paintings by Sarah McBeath, an artist based in the west of Auckland, not far from where I live.

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Here's a short list of some of my works that have been published in other places:
  • July 2007 : SysAdmin magazine publishes my paper on guides to managing Information Security. This issue of SysAdmin magazine was the last one to be published.
  • June 2007 : SysAdmin magazine publishes my paper on PasTmon - a system for passively measuring application performance through network traffic monitoring.
  • March 2007 : SysAdmin magazine publishes my paper on Backup Encryption - a paper demonstrating how simple it is to encrypt backups with freely available tools.
  • June 2006 : MIS Magazine has published an article on incident response in their June issue, which features some of my work including stuff from the Bright*Star Security Summit conference.
  • April 2006 : Attended the Bright*Star 2006 Security Summit in Auckland, and presented a paper on Incident Response Best Practices.
  • In February of 2005 a journalist from MIS magazine rings me while I'm fully engrossed in something else. He starts asking questions about online banking, authentication, and so on ( from my ASB Netcode paper ). In their April 2005 issue they published the article, "Phishing for Security - Banks Battle Online Heists" which includes many of my comments on the matter.
  • October 2004 : SysAdmin magazine publishes my paper DNS Security Protocols II : DNSSEC, a paper on setting up DNSSEC servers.
  • 2004 : EventId.Net republish my article, Best Practices for Security Incident Response
  • September 2004 : SysAdmin magazine publishes my paper DNS Security Protocols I : Dynamic Updates, a paper on setting up secure dynamic updates for DNS servers including DHCP server to DNS server dynamic updates.
  • August 2004 : Interop republish my paper, Hardening Internal Networks against Worms in their portal site, Loop.
  • In April 2004, Computerworld published an article based on my SELinux work, "NZ developer preps for hardened Linux", and a sidebar article on the age-old Linux versus Microsoft security debate, "Lies, damned lies and patches". Great title.
  • March 2004 : SysAdmin magazine publishes my paper Logsurfer+, a paper on monitoring log files and generating alerts in real-time.
  • March 2003 : SysAdmin magazine publishes my paper SELinux, a paper on Security-Enhanced Linux. This paper took a huge amount of work to develop ( approx 200 hours ), and has become a widely read de-facto standard introduction to SELinux. Work on this paper led to the creation of the Unofficial SELinux FAQ which has been very widely referenced.
  • September 2002 : SysAdmin magazine publishes my paper Recovering linux systems with mkcdrec, a paper on creating a bootable recovery CD for Linux.

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All information on this website is the writer's comments and should not be construed as fact, or even reliable in any way. These writings are the ravings of a lunatic. I do not endorse any other site that these pages link to.
You can deep link to any page on this site, but don't blame me if the URL changes or the page disappears completely. You can print these pages and pass them around, but only if you keep the copyright notice at the bottom. Otherwise, you may not copy any content on this site without my explicit permission, which is usually granted.

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