Transparent Web Proxying with Cisco, Squid, and WCCP

This paper shows how to implement transparent web caching using a Cisco router as a gateway and the Squid caching proxy server. The WCCP protocol is used to register the proxy to the router to provide seamless and scalable transparent proxying of web traffic.

Network Performance

Application Performance Monitoring with PasTmon

This paper shows how to measure and monitor the performance of network applications through passive capturing of network traffic. The PasTmon utility is excellent for identifying performance problems in many network-based applications.


The Best Guides for Managing Information Security

A paper I wrote reviewing freely available guides for managing information security systems for the August 2007 issue of SysAdmin magazine. This article reviews the Open Source Security Testing Methodology, various NIST Guides, ISO 17799, and the Standard of Good Practice (SoGP) guides.


Backup Encryption

This paper shows how you can easily encrypt your Linux/Unix backups using OpenSSL or GPG.